Training, Coaching, and Clinics






James Alliston has been based in the East Bay since 2009. He has designed a training program with goals of producing top riders and horses to compete in three day eventing, show jumping and dressage. He brings his experience and success in competition towards building a strong training program for both riders and horses so they may achieve their personal goals and build new ones for the future.


Full Training

  •  Riders or horses in full training receive 16 lessons or training rides per month, and coaching at shows. 

Partial Training

  • Riders or horses in partial training receive 12 lessons or training rides per month. (Does not include coaching at shows).

Horse Breaking

  • Breaking/backing of young horses. James has considerable experience with breaking horses for all disciplines including the race track. His patient and systematic approach gives young impressionable horses an enjoyable first experience to ridden work.

Horse Training/Competing Services

  • Horses that are in full training with James receive an individual training/exercise program tailored to each horse’s specific level, ability and fitness level. Cross country schooling’s are included, eurociser, clipping and full care.


  • Grooming includes: Mane pulling, tail pulling, face/body clipping.

Haul In Fee

  • $20 payable to Shiloh West


  • $85 – Single private lesson with James or Helen.

Coaching/Show Riding

Coaching services are offered Thursday through Sunday of the competition, including warm up for each event and a course walk.


  • Coaching and warm up before the show.

Course Walk

  • Walk the cross country course with James.

Horse Care

  • Feeding, watering, stall cleaning, blanketing, and care at a show.

Show Grooming

  • Show braiding and grooming, in addition to the horse care listed above.


Helen and James have two brand new F-350 trucks and two new extra tall, extra wide Logan trailers. Horses receive top quality care during shipping including numerous water breaks, electrolytes and gastro guard.

Woodside $100

Fresno $300

Twin Rivers $325

Galway $600

Montana $1200

Kentucky $1500 each way